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Railway Reserves Heritage Trail

Rail Reserves Heritage Trail Information

The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail, located in Perth Hills, traces 59km along the old Eastern Railway line that once connected Fremantle and York during the 1880s. The Trail starts its journey in Bellevue and follows the old Eastern Railway on both sides Great Eastern Highway. Mount Helena is where the two lines converge to form a unique loop of 41km entirely on railway formations. Then, they extend out to Wooroloo. The Trail is accessible from many different locations by road. The majority of reserves have been converted into community parks with picnic tables, toilets, and other amenities to enhance your experience. The Railway Reserves Heritage Trail can be accessed for free. However, a National Park Fee is charged to those who enter the Trail via the main car park of John Forrest National Park.

Rail Reserves Heritage Trail
Rail Reserves Heritage Trail

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail Access

Accessing the Trail There are many points of entry along the 59km trail. You can use public transport to reach most villages on the Trail. Eastern Timetables 86 96 97 offer bus routes. Or, you can cycle to the Trail directly from Midland Station. Visit www.transperth.wa.gov.au or call 13 62 13 for more information. The Trail connects to Perth Bicycle Network Routes SE3 and SE4 as well and can be reached from Perth Airport. The Department of Transport’s website, www.transport.gov.au, offers a map of the metropolitan bike routes. Transport.wa.gov.au, (follow Active Transport/Cycling Publications).

You can find information shelters along the route that describe the history of the adjacent settlement, and show photos of nearby historical sites and flora.

Plan your trip… Railway Reserves Heritage Trail is a wonderful way to remember the early settlements along the Eastern Railway and the thriving industries that developed. Explore the highlights of each village, whether you are on foot, by bike or on a horseback.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Bellevue

Choose to begin your journey either on the Southern Section which was opened in March 1884 or on the Northern Section which was first opened on 1st July 1896 to provide an alternative to the steep slope and tight turns of the Southern Section. The two routes meet at Mount Helena, forming a 41km railway loop.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Swan View

The replica Swan View Station, a legacy from the Mahogany Creek Deviation Line, is now one of the trail access points to the John Forrest National Park. The park is home to a unique 340m-long Swan View Tunnel, originally built to overcome the granite barrier created by a fold on the Darling Range. Three wooden trestle-bridges are still visible in the Park. John Forrest National Park, amidst the railway heritage is also a great place to relax. You can enjoy the National Park Falls and landscapes as they unfold or take a walk along the Eagle View Walk Trail.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Boya

The Goat Farm Mountain Bike Park, located adjacent to Greenmount National Park, is the perfect place to practice your mountain biking skills. This purpose-built park has downhill tracks. Cape Horn, an area that was notorious for accidents in the late 1800s when trains attempted to navigate this dangerous bend, is also worth a look.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Darlington

The second Darlington Railway Platform, dating back to 1892, is still visible in the quaint village. In this village, the largest railway cuttings are found on the Trail. Dynamite and blasting power were used to break down the granite obstructions. Take a detour to Bilgoman’s Aquatic Centre, where you can enjoy the heated outdoor swimming pool during summer or take the nearby heritage trail.

Rail Reserves Heritage Trail Information
Rail Reserves Heritage Trail Information

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Glen Forrest

The Stationmaster’s House is located in the Glen Forrest Historic Precinct and next to the Trail. The Stationmaster’s House was built in 1898 for the railway station originally called Smith’s Mill.

The Hovea Railway Platform is located west of Parkerville. It was built in 1912 to allow access to the National Park and day trips to Hovea Falls, before the National Park Station opened in 1936.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From The Mundaring

The Mundaring Community Sculpture Park contains the former Mundaring Station Platform, built in 1898, as well as the Mundaring Stationmaster’s House, built in 1903. Both serve to remind us of Mundaring’s rich railway history. Here is the trailhead for Munda Biddi Trail. Perth Hills Mundaring visitor centre is located in the town’s center. You can find out about other attractions, such as Mundaring District Museum or Mundaring Arts Centre. If you want to explore the historic Mundaring Weir Precinct follow the Munda Biddi trail or Kep Track marker to continue the old railroad line through Beelu National Park.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From  Mount Helena

Mount Helena, which was originally called Lion Mill following the Jarrah Mill, was the intersection of two lines. Mount Helena Aquatic Centre, located adjacent to the Trail is the perfect place for summer swimming during school holidays.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Chidlow

The Proclamation Train Sculpture pays homage to Chidlow’s railway heritage, and also acknowledges the 175th Anniversary of Western Australia’s founding. Lake Leschenaultia is a scenic stop-off from the Chidlow trail, or Chidlow’s Well, as it was once known. You can take a walk around the lake or hire a boat, grab a coffee from the Reflections Coffee & Kiosk or cool off in the lake. Bookings are required for camping. Book online via Shire of Mundaring website www.mundaring.wa.gov.au. Enquiries to 9290 6736 or email [email protected]. A detour south of Great Eastern Highway will lead you to Forsyths Mill Mountain Bike Park.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail From Wooroloo

One of the few remaining railway structures, the arched stone culvert that crosses the Wooroloo Brook east of Wooroloo Village, is well worth a visit. Pick up the Kep Track signs to continue on your journey to Northam.

Railway Reserves Heritage Trail Location

Shire of Mundaring (Perth Hills Precinct)

Activity Type:
Bicycle Trails, Walk Trails

Special Interest:


Following the routes of two former railways, this popular 59 kilometre walking and cycling trail passes through picturesque bushland, heritage rail bridges, stations and the Swan View tunnel.

Distance: 59km – can be completed in sections
Difficulty: Easy
Surface: Gravel
Trail MapTrail Map – TrailsWA
Address: This trail can be started at several locations, including Mundaring

Other Information

Entry fees may apply if the trail is accessed from John Forrest National Park.

Contact Details

[Mundaring Visitor Centre]

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